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House Agent

Email : Tina.Xu@hangzhou-home.com

Mobile: 13023655029



very good


Tina is very responsible and professional. Always ready to help and organize the best. And important thing that she speaks in English very well! I’m happy to have an agent as Tina
来自TA的评价 Gul
very good


Thank you for your care and help to our family in the past few years, making everything in our life more smooth, we are grateful! I hope everything goes well with your work and good health in the future!
来自TA的评价 Spacil
very good


来自TA的评价 汪华梁
very good


I came to Hangzhou in April and was referred to Tina and Robert by some colleagues in my company. From the start I got the feeling they totally understood my requirements and we didn't have to search too long to find the perfect place for me. They did all negotiations with the landlord to my satisfaction and support me after moving in with all necessary repairs and adjustments. I would recommend them to other Expats in Hangzhou. Thank you!
来自TA的评价 Bjoern
very good


Tina helped us get a type of apartment we wanted. We are really happy with the assistance she offered us. When there were issues that needed to be fixed with the apartment we wanted to move in, she addressed the issues with the landlord and made sure that our voice was heard. Tina is really understanding and can really help you even if you don't know how to speak Chinese because she is fluent with English.
来自TA的评价 Mase
very good


Tina was very courteous and responsive when I am looking for a house to rent in Hangzhou. She patiently listened to my requirements and share options suiting my requirements quickly. She continued to keep in touch even after I moved to my house to ensure that i did not have any issues. Great Job Tina. Appreciate it.
来自TA的评价 Eswanth
very good


Thank you for being so helpful, Tina! You took all our requirements into account and only showed us apartments that you knew fit the bill. You also gave us lots of additional information about the area, which helped us alot. We really appreciate your assistance in dealing with all the legalities, like the registration of our residence. Thank you!
来自TA的评价 Anninge
very good


I want to express my gratitude to Tina, she was very responsive and very professional , always found time to help me and my girlfriend find a new apartment and she did her job very well, our new apartment is gorgeous thank you ! 非常感谢Tina每天能找到时间带我和我的女朋友看房子,最后我们选的房子非常漂亮,住起来超舒服,十分感谢:)
来自TA的评价 Sergei
very good


Tina has good expression skills. Ability to deal with personnel at all levels effectively. She helped us a lot.
来自TA的评价 jack
very good


very good


Tina is doing wonderfully! Be highly organized and effecient. She with a pleasant mature attitude. I definitely recommend her.
来自TA的评价 Marcio
very good


Tina was so helpful getting the landlady meet my needs , the negotiation part was much easier than dealing with a random agent ! Perfect English spoken and written, good knowledge about foreign tenants preferences and cultures , nice and polite definitely satisfied !
来自TA的评价 Dhia