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House Agent

Email : Tina.Xu@hangzhou-home.com

Mobile: 13023655029



very good


Tina is a very helpful, warm-hearted, responsible agent who really gave me prompt support whenever I needed. She is undoubtedly a wonderful asset to the brand image of PLUS housing agency.
来自TA的评价 Kim
very good


Thanks for translating between me and my tenant. I wish we can cooperate again in the future.
来自TA的评价 Dawei Yang
very good


Tina has been a great help & organized everything I asked for very quickly. She was very well organized & friendly. I very much appreciate her efforts in helping me finding a great apartment here in Hangzhou. I will highly recommend her! Thanks a lot again Tina! Best regards.
来自TA的评价 Sarah
very good


Tina is very proactive and helpful. The work is done in due time without delay. Thanks Tina.
来自TA的评价 Bibek
very good


Tina is such a friendly professional with a genuine helpful approach when it comes to deal with others. She was incredibly kind and helpful to me and my husband. Tina spent a month, patiently showing us places for us to consider and put up with our strict requests, again, very patiently. She is still being very helpful after sealing the deal and has offered to keep helping us in case we need her in the future. Also her honest and transparent way to explain everything was paramount for us. Thank you Tina for making our lives in China easy and enjoyable.
来自TA的评价 Alejandro
very good


Tina was a great agent! She was never pushy and only showed me what I wanted to see. She was very helpful with also getting fapiao! Before I decided on renting the apartment she showed me she was willing to help me with a fapiao for my old place. She has also been able to answer any questions or help deal with any problems.
来自TA的评价 Emma
very good


Tina was the best! She was super helpful and did everything she could to make my move as pain free as possible.
来自TA的评价 Eric
very good


Tina is a very professional and helpful person. Not only to find the right apartment, also afterwards to treat everything that I needed. I can highly recommend her.
来自TA的评价 Thomas
very good


She’s very nice and helpful
来自TA的评价 Roxy Ye
very good


nice person!耐心 细心 有责任心。值得信赖。很愉快的一次合作。
来自TA的评价 Lin
very good


Tina has been really reliable and helpful. She has helped me and my colleagues a lot. She is always ready to answer questions about available apartments for lease, contracts and invoice. A few years back, she went on leave. Before that though, she made sure I know who to talk to whenever I need help. She’s really considerate and professional. Thank you, Tina!
来自TA的评价 Corazon
very good


Good service. If customer has a need, she will always reply as soon as possible.